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The company says the Norton SG Blaze Plus lasts 50% to 200% longer on hard-to-grind materials and alloys such as mild and carbon steel, stainless, cobalt, chrome, inconel and titanium, they cut faster and cooler than any ceramic products...

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Polishing Hard Chrome Plating. Hydro-Platers has the ability to polish a wide variety of sizes both in diameter and in lengths. This service is available as part of the finishing process, both prior to and after hard chrome and sulfamate nickel plating or as a separate contract service. Finish Grinding of Hard Chrome …

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A. Hard Chrome is under very high tensile stress for almost all plating conditions and chemistries and has less than 1% elongation. This is responsible for the tendency to alleviate by either cracking or spalling. The grinding adds more stresses through cutting forces and heat.

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what is the best stone for grinding chrome. Posted at:March 15, 2013[ ... The Norton 3X Blue grinding wheels are Norton's top-of-the-line stock grinding wheels for tool steel. ... Chromium – Jersey Hard Chrome Plating and Grinding since ...

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Hard Chrome plating is an electrolytic method of depositing Chrome for engineering applications, from a Chromic acid solution. Deposits can be applied from …

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Coated Abrasives Grinding Wheels ( Coated Discs ) We bring forth an exceptional quality range of Grind Well Norton's Coated Abrasives Grinding Wheels, which works best on rough surfaces. Procured from trustworthy vendors of the market, the range of wheels is in sync with industry standards.

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With our hard chrome and grinding services you can be confident your parts receive the best wear protection finish possible. Our unique hard chrome plating and precision grinding service is your guarantee of long lasting, dependable service from your parts.

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From pre-inspection, stripping chrome, pre-grinding, stress relieving, pre-polishing, hard chrome plating, Hydrogen embrittlement, precision grinding pre-inspection and cleaning to masking and etching to final polishing and finishing, we are a full-service hard chrome plating provider.

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Abusive grinding after plating. Abusive grinding AP can cause macro-cracking in an otherwise good chrome deposit.Hard chrome must be ground using the …

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Increasing restrictions on the use of hexavalent chrome have hastened the switch to thermal spray hard coats and other advanced materials in high performance corrosion control and wear-resistance applications. Traditional grinding and finishing methods are proving less effective on many of these newer, hard-to-grind materials

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For grinding cast iron, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials, select a silicon carbide abrasive. Hard, brittle materials generally require a wheel with a fine grit size and a softer grade. Hard materials resist the penetration of abrasive grains and cause them to dull quickly.

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Chrome plating can be applied to any metal, with any finish, in any thickness. Hausner Hard Chrome uses a new electrolytic chrome plating process that applies a dense, but ductile, stress free, low hydrogen chrome with a hardness of 70 to 72 Rc.

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Hard Chrome Surfaces: Adhesion, Masking, Grinding, Finishing Hard Chrome Surface. Although it is often said that the chromium layer will reproduce faithfully every defect in the base material, in actuality as the chrome deposit thickens it will level imperfections.


Electronic Chrome & Grinding Co., Inc. was founded in 1945 with a view to provide quality hard chrome plating and ID-OD-Centerless grinding services in one location so clients would not have to work with multiple vendors.The management of Electronic Chrome and Grinding pride themselves in being fully accountable for taking the order, processing it and delivering it on time.

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High-Velocity Grind By Susan Woods, Contributing Editor Courtesy of United Grinding An HVOF-coated aerospace part being ground on a Studer S-33 machine. Strategies for grinding HVOF-coated aerospace parts. Chrome may be flashy, but its days in the sun are numbered—including as a coating for aerospace parts.

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Industrial Hard Chrome Plating Hard chrome plating offers one of the most durable finishes for industrial applications, for this reason; there are many sources for this plating process. However, there are very few with the capacity for large-scale hard chrome plating that we offer at Youngstown Hard Chrome .

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for Hard Chrome Plating, Finishing & Other Processes. To ensure that all our hard chrome platings meet the high standards of quality our customers have come to expect from Accu Chrome, we utilize a range of advanced, high performance equipment.

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use requires higher grinding pressure. A typical application for it is grinding tool steel in rigid grinding machines. Examples of this type of abrasive are SG (Seeded Gel) from Norton and Cubitron from 3M. 2. Silicon carbide is an abrasive that is used primarily for grinding cast …

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The opposite style of Norton grinding wheel is needed for hardened tool steel. For this, a soft Norton Grinding wheel, specially formulated to run cool, is needed. We prefer 60 grit for woodworking tools. Without such a Norton wheel, even the most skilled user is likely to burn an edge.

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Jun 23, 2014· A buddy at work is trying to I.D. grind .008 of chrome plating. He is only taking off .0005 at a time and he is snapping off his grinding stone. What would be the appropriate speeds, feeds, and the depth of cut to cut chrome plating. He is holding on a tapered flange, which may be a problem too. I don't know. thanks.

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It is absolutely imparative that plenty Of coolant is applied when grinding hard chrome to keep localized overheating to minimum. Generally a soft wheel is best for grinding hard chrome and the face of the wheel is to be avoided because of the heat. It has been found thatCarborundum Aloxite BA 601-1.5-VFBLU and Norton A 60-M5-VBE are suitable.

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Abusive grinding AP can cause macro-cracking in an otherwise good chrome deposit.Hard chrome must be ground using the proper wheel, plenty of coolant and with very slow feed rate. If hard chrome is ground without these precautions the chrome will overheat and the occluded hydrogen will expand causing the macro-cracking.

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Norton Metal is a comprehensive abrasive line ranging from cones and plugs, cut‑off wheels, to grinding wheels and coated specialty items to help reach project goals in a single, economical purchase.


Chromium - Jersey Hard Chrome Plating and Grinding since …. A Primer on Chromium Plating . The actual chromium plating process is a long one to describe. I will start with a little known fact about Chromium itself, then a ...

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Find Chrome Grinding Wheels related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Chrome Grinding Wheels information. ... Arrow changes the wheel over to a 70-grit sil- icon-carbide Norton wheel to grind the chrome . Machining with Abrasives. ... While hard chrome is usually ground with an aluminum ...

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Apr 18, 2004· Most hard chrome plating companies do grinding, but their websites don't mention which abrasives are used. To summarize: The conservative approach would be to continue using the types of alumina and carbide as described above.


Jul 24, 2012· Does anyone know a good place to find information on grinding hard chrome. I work in an industrial hard chrome plating shop, that has taken on grinding in the last 5 years. We grind all sizes of parts, plated in both heef and conventional chrome. We us a Norton grinder with 3" x 30" pink WRA-46-j8-v8 wheels.

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As time passed, Youngstown Hard Chrome's reputation for quality grew, and companies in need of large grinding and plating found a trusted, top quality source. Today, the plant spans over 35,000 square feet.


Chrome plating can be applied to any metal, with any finish, in any thickness. Hausner Hard Chrome uses a new electrolytic chrome plating process that applies a dense, but ductile, stress free, low hydrogen chrome with a hardness of 70 to 72 Rc.